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NetAlert Software


NetAlert  constantly monitors all servers and workstations on the network, and, when required, implements corrective actions and notifies network staff so that the problems detected can be corrected as quickly as possible.


NetAlert is the security solution  that guarantees the integrity of a company’s  computer  network.


With NetAlert, network administrators will always be first to know.

Network Administrators can choose the checks to be performed using a standard Web Browser. NetAlert offers 18 kinds of tests (HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, Telnet, Ping, etc.), which can be used in sequence. The following parameters are defined for each test: type, frequency, success or failure criteria, and the actions required or the alerts to be activated.

NetAlert performs its alert function by sending network or e-mail messages. If installed with RTE SMS and RTE FAX, NetAlert  can  also  send  SMS  messages  and  Fax messages.

Regardless of whether a test is successful or fails, NetAlert will offer 7 different types of action: send e-mail, service, reboot, batch, etc. More than one action can be defined. Each test can be carried out several times before activating an action.

NetAlert keeps a log of the availability of the systems tested, the alerts activated and the actions performed. NetAlert’s numerous detailed reports can show detailed analyses of the operating conditions.

Advantages of NetAlert

  • A single tool to monitor all network computer components: messaging servers, web servers, file servers, routers, databases, ERP,…
  • Speed of intervention - the alert methods (e-mail, SMS 1, NT Administrative alert) make it possible to immediately notify network staff so that corrective measures can be performed rapidly.
  • Fast, easy installation - NetAlert carries out its tests and the associated actions through a central installation, without client intervention on the target machines.
  • Easy access - NetAlert is administered from a web interface. It is thus possible to configure the tests, consult the reports and program actions from any PC on the network with a Web Browser, or through external internet access.
  • Secure Access - There are 2 levels of access to NetAlert: read-only access to tests and access for the creation, modification and reading of tests. Only authorised persons may use NetAlert.

Examples of Use of NetAlert

  • Availability of your website
    • NetAlert makes it possible to program a test that checks the availability of your website at regular intervals. You’ll be informed right away in case of failure rather than have your users or clients bring a connection problem to your attention. You can also easily monitor the availability of any FTP site.
  • Integrity of messaging service and file servers
    • NetAlert  monitors  the  availability  of  messaging  servers, making sure that there is enough space on disks and that backups are made correctly.
  • Virus  intrusion  in  one  of  the  network components
    • When your anti-virus detects an attack, NetAlert immediately informs you.
  • Monitoring of the machine room
    • When connected to a temperature probe, NetAlert can inform a network administrator when overheating is detected such as in cases of an air-conditioning system breakdown.
    • When connected to a humidity probe, NetAlert can set off an alarm in case of excessive humidity or flooding.
    • Power failures are also detected by NetAlert. This can give a network administrator a warning before the backup system reaches its limit.

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